Rotary Club of Croydon East

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If you are an existing registered subscriber, this download will allow you to upgrade to the latest version of the software.  Please ensure that you have taken a backup of your data.

Non-Registered Users:

You can now download a copy and see for yourself the benefits of PC Share Register Plus.  The program is fully functional subject to running in Evaluation Mode (see below).

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Forms Online is part of the PC Share Register Plus suite of software - please download the full PC Share Register Plus install below (Forms Online can be registered without subscribing to the full company secretarial product).

The download links below are the same for all purposes, whether you are already a registered user, non-registered and wishing to evaluate the software, performing a new install or updating from a previous version.

Download: PC Share Register Plus - Version 16.01 (build 16.01.04)