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Forms Online is an innovative software product that contains an extensive database of links to government statutory forms and guides, allowing you to instantly find the exact form that you are looking for.  Once viewed, the form is saved locally so that it can be opened again, even when not online. You can also download all the forms in the database with just a few mouse clicks.  The database is constantly being maintained and enhanced and the software automatically checks for updates each time it is run.

Standard Forms
The software is supplied with a database of standard forms which allows you to automatically download the latest version of any of the forms from the originators' web sites and open it for completion and/or printing.

Most forms are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and will open in your default PDF reader software.

Once a form has been downloaded/opened it will be available as a local copy and can be opened subsequently without the need to download it again. An option also exists to download all forms in one go so that they will all be available off-line.

The Standard forms database is constantly being enhanced and the software will automatically check for newer versions of the database.

User Forms
In addition to standard forms, the software allows you to create and maintain your own user forms.

Finding the right form is easy and can be accomplished in several ways:

lick on the list and start typing the form number - the highlighted entry jumps to nearest match as you type

Click on any of the column headings and the list changes to sorted by that heading - then start typing the beginning of what you are looking for in the column - the highlighted entry jumps to nearest match as you type

Mark often used forms as Favourites and they are marked with a star. You can then tick the box to limit list to just favourites.

One of the most powerful methods of finding a form is to use the Search box. Type in anything that you are looking for (form number of part thereof, part of form description, part form category or type) and click search button - the list will then just show entries where ANY of the columns contain the search criteria.

Select a Type or Category from the drop-down lists to limit list of forms to just those matching the criteria.